Connect with yourself


You find yourself stuck; confused by the obstacles, overwhelmed, tired of fear and of not having the tools you need in reach to go from where you are to where you most desire to be and beyond. Stella Muse Life Coaching Melbourne helps you connect with yourself, the real you. Connecting with oneself is essentially about looking inwards and creating a bond with your own self. The first step to creating (and strengthening) the bond with your own self is to practice mindfulness. Observe your feelings and thoughts at any given point of time. Observe how your external environment, including situations and people, make you feel. Understand and accept your feelings just as they are. Once you accept your feelings, without pushing them away to the deep realm of your subconscious, you are likely to let go of the associated stress and feel more connected with the world.


Solitude can be an excellent opportunity to connect with one’s self. The external chatter can drown the internal dialogue. Most people are uncomfortable being alone and even scared of loneliness. However, it must be viewed as an opportunity to engage with your own self. Being alone means being able to do what pleases you and it can be a great means of rejuvenation. Use your solitude to engage in activities that calm and energise you. Spending time with nature, getting creative with some art form, listening to your favourite music or cooking can be some activities to consider.


Deep inside us is a vast ocean of silence, peace and well-being. Sometimes it can be experienced when you lose yourself in nature,or just as you wake up before thoughts flood your mind, or in an act of service. Another great way of building a connection with your self is by practicing meditation.  While meditation is quite simple it needs a lot of courage to practise. You need to sit in silence and simply be with your thoughts and feelings as they arise without trying to stop or change them. You can begin by putting a time limit, you could start with five minutes and then slowly increase the time that you sit in meditation.


As you include mindfulness in your daily routine you will see yourself change – you will be calmer, your stress levels will drop and you will be able to create more meaningful lives. Not only this being mindful also helps us approach and enjoy more fulfilling relationships with our families and friends.


Three reasons to hire an attorney

While not all legal matters need one to hire an attorney, it does become imperative in disputes as you may not want to take the risk of going alone without the advice of an experienced attorney.
When it comes to commercial litigation, it is best to look out for a legal firm to draw out a clear strategy for your firm’s legal implications and requirements. Cardinal Litigation + Dispute Resolution is a Perth CBD-based legal practice which offers strategic commercial litigation and dispute resolution services to domestic and international clients across a range of industry sectors.
The following are three reasons why it may be a good idea to hire an attorney:

Complicated legal system:

The legal system is complicated with a lot of scope for ambiguity. Since a lawyer is trained in legal education and has the experience of working with the legal system he / she would be able to guide you through the uncertainty towards a favourable outcome. Attorneys are also well conversant with the procedures and rules related to filling court documents and handling other legal procedures.  Without the training and the experience you are most likely to struggle with deadlines and procedures which in turn can delay or derail your case. With his experience an attorney can help you understand the broader legal context. He / she is also up to date with the latest law and rules and your case would definitely benefit from this knowledge.

Time and Cost considerations:

Your time is valuable and while the case is on you need to focus on your life and business. It, thus, may be a good idea to hire an attorney who can focus on your case. Further, compared to you an attorney would be able to do the task in much lesser time. Many attorneys don’t charge for the first consultation so it may be a good idea to meet with one even before you decide whether you are going to hire one.

Help you negotiate a good settlement offer or plea bargain:

A capable attorney brings with him years of professional experience. He / she may have worked on numerous cases like yours in the past and thus would be able to make out how your case is likely to resolve. In court dealings, he can negotiate with the other party and try and work out a mutual settlement bargain. In case of a trial he can also guide you on how your case is most likely to resolve.

Convert an old building into a wedding location

If you own a building, which is currently unused, though set in a picturesque location from where sunsets are glorious and the views of the rolling countryside simply breath-taking, you could consider converting it into a wedding venue. Your homestead, barn or your wool shed could be someone’s dream wedding location, and another source of income for you. However, keep in mind that any demolition and clearing work done on the old building is safe and toxic free. Focus Demolition Asbestos Removal provides safe and easy methods of waste removal. In addition,  there are a few things that one must keep in mind before converting your building or property into a wedding venue.

Location, Space and Accessibility:

The location of your property, along with being picturesque, must also be easily accessible. The property, including the building and the surroundings, must be spacious enough to accommodate a large number of people. The location must have a good mix of beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. It also must have a good and safe parking lot, if the same is far away from the building a transportation system from the parking lot to the venue must be in place.

Facilities and functionality:

Provision of adequate facilities and functionality are extremely important. The guests would definitely not like to walk large distances or wait in long queues for the restroom, bar or food. Special needs of differently abled, old and infirm guests must also be factored in while designing by incorporating ramps, elevators, etc.

Allowing for client’s creativity:

As most brides and grooms want to personalise their wedding and make it a unique experience for their guests it is important for the wedding venue to have a variety of options. The venue must serve as a blank slate allowing the client to define how to use it based on their style and needs. The venue must inspire the client to unleash their creativity.

Upkeep and maintenance plan:

You must have a maintenance plan to ensure that the venue is in top shape throughout the wedding season. If you are planning to use the venue on back to back weekends, you need to set up repair routines.
Once you have your venue in place you can get in touch with wedding planners to find prospective clients. Since wedding planners are familiar with vendors they can suggest ways in which you can market your property as an ideal wedding location.

Ideas for a rustic wedding theme

For couples who are keen on having a simple laid back wedding ceremony, a country style theme is the right choice. Country style weddings are packed with a lot of rustic charm. Factory 51 rustic wedding venue  is located in a lovingly restored old industrial building in the heart of Coorparoowith stunning red brick walls, an elegant design & a large alfresco space.Country style wedding themes are increasingly being preferred by couples across Australia. These weddings usually feature a whole lot of vintage items along with burlap, hessian, lace, and even vintage cars.
Sky is the limit while choosing a unique venue for a country style wedding – one can choose an old barn,  a provincial homestead or a wool shed. You can get innovative and creative while designing the signage and these can be hand made on recycled wood. The entrance of the venue can be decorated with curtains made from lace, eyelet cotton, hessian or raw linen. The venue can be glamorously decorated with vintage candelabra, extravagant chandeliers, crisp linen, pretty antique lace and burlap.
The wedding table setting can be made to look spectacular with the use of white linen, vintage china, silver glassware, oil lamps and other vintage “knick knacks”. The table mats can be hand made with hessian to add to the rustic feel. Other decor items which one can include are wine barrels, suitcases, ladders, wooden crates, watering cans, and chalk boards. Organising a photo booth, with a vintage lounge and vintage suitcases, where guests can take photographs is also a great idea.
The bride’s dress, although simple and comfortable, must have a lot of lace to give it a vintage feel. Ideal colours would be white, ivory or champagne. The bouquets and boutonnieres can be hand made with a combination of silk, dried and fresh flowers.
A must for any country style wedding is a lot of home-made goodies and treats. Many couples prefer to have their wedding cake made at home by one of their close relatives. Adding a lot of locally grown fresh fruits to a creamy cake may be a great idea. You could also consider having a separate ‘bake stand’ with home made apple pie, custard tart, chocolate mousse cake and berry pie all. Giving your guests a “thank you” gift which is something that is produced on the farm, such as honey or fruits, can also be considered.