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Ideas for a rustic wedding theme

For couples who are keen on having a simple laid back wedding ceremony, a country style theme is the right choice. Country style weddings are packed with a lot of rustic charm. Factory 51 rustic wedding venue  is located in a lovingly restored old industrial building in the heart of Coorparoowith stunning red brick walls, an elegant design & a large alfresco space.Country style wedding themes are increasingly being preferred by couples across Australia. These weddings usually feature a whole lot of vintage items along with burlap, hessian, lace, and even vintage cars.
Sky is the limit while choosing a unique venue for a country style wedding – one can choose an old barn,  a provincial homestead or a wool shed. You can get innovative and creative while designing the signage and these can be hand made on recycled wood. The entrance of the venue can be decorated with curtains made from lace, eyelet cotton, hessian or raw linen. The venue can be glamorously decorated with vintage candelabra, extravagant chandeliers, crisp linen, pretty antique lace and burlap.
The wedding table setting can be made to look spectacular with the use of white linen, vintage china, silver glassware, oil lamps and other vintage “knick knacks”. The table mats can be hand made with hessian to add to the rustic feel. Other decor items which one can include are wine barrels, suitcases, ladders, wooden crates, watering cans, and chalk boards. Organising a photo booth, with a vintage lounge and vintage suitcases, where guests can take photographs is also a great idea.
The bride’s dress, although simple and comfortable, must have a lot of lace to give it a vintage feel. Ideal colours would be white, ivory or champagne. The bouquets and boutonnieres can be hand made with a combination of silk, dried and fresh flowers.
A must for any country style wedding is a lot of home-made goodies and treats. Many couples prefer to have their wedding cake made at home by one of their close relatives. Adding a lot of locally grown fresh fruits to a creamy cake may be a great idea. You could also consider having a separate ‘bake stand’ with home made apple pie, custard tart, chocolate mousse cake and berry pie all. Giving your guests a “thank you” gift which is something that is produced on the farm, such as honey or fruits, can also be considered.