Connect with yourself


You find yourself stuck; confused by the obstacles, overwhelmed, tired of fear and of not having the tools you need in reach to go from where you are to where you most desire to be and beyond. Stella Muse Life Coaching Melbourne helps you connect with yourself, the real you. Connecting with oneself is essentially about looking inwards and creating a bond with your own self. The first step to creating (and strengthening) the bond with your own self is to practice mindfulness. Observe your feelings and thoughts at any given point of time. Observe how your external environment, including situations and people, make you feel. Understand and accept your feelings just as they are. Once you accept your feelings, without pushing them away to the deep realm of your subconscious, you are likely to let go of the associated stress and feel more connected with the world.


Solitude can be an excellent opportunity to connect with one’s self. The external chatter can drown the internal dialogue. Most people are uncomfortable being alone and even scared of loneliness. However, it must be viewed as an opportunity to engage with your own self. Being alone means being able to do what pleases you and it can be a great means of rejuvenation. Use your solitude to engage in activities that calm and energise you. Spending time with nature, getting creative with some art form, listening to your favourite music or cooking can be some activities to consider.


Deep inside us is a vast ocean of silence, peace and well-being. Sometimes it can be experienced when you lose yourself in nature,or just as you wake up before thoughts flood your mind, or in an act of service. Another great way of building a connection with your self is by practicing meditation.  While meditation is quite simple it needs a lot of courage to practise. You need to sit in silence and simply be with your thoughts and feelings as they arise without trying to stop or change them. You can begin by putting a time limit, you could start with five minutes and then slowly increase the time that you sit in meditation.


As you include mindfulness in your daily routine you will see yourself change – you will be calmer, your stress levels will drop and you will be able to create more meaningful lives. Not only this being mindful also helps us approach and enjoy more fulfilling relationships with our families and friends.