Skiing Tasmania

With New Zealand so close, it is hard to imagine why anyone would bother heading to a ski hill in Tasmania. But that doesn’t stop the team at Ben Lomond snow sports from operating the best little ski hill this side of bass strait!

tassie joe

Nestled right in the middle of Ben Lomond National Park, you will find this small but entertaining snow capped hill measuring in at 1453 metres above sea level, the highest visitable area in Tasmania. There are a couple of tows pulling eager punters up to the summit, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding park as far as flinders island on a clear day and an exhilarating ride down for skiers and snowboarders alike. Last season saw the introduction of snowmaking equipment that facilitates the natural snow cover and helps cover rocks to minimise damage to skis and snowboards, as well as making the snow last longer.

The two tows open up a considerable amount of terrain, and those with the adequate snow gear can easily hike a bit further along the top of the hill to access the untouched snow. although this can prove to be unforgiving to the base of your skis. There is a varying level of pitch and some of the regulars have created a small snowboard park with a fun box and small kicker.

If you are in need of snow gear, this ski shop hires snowboards, skis and snow boots for the day or week, and also has a variety of ski gloves, ski jackets, and snow goggles available for purchase with eftpos and paypal accepted. Beside the ski shop there is a cozy cafe that whips up some of the best hot chocolate on the planet! It’s a welcome break from the elements if the weather turns south and starts blowing up a gale.

If you have only just begun to snowboard or ski, and live locally, then there is no excuse to not try your luck up at Ben Lomond snow sports. The ski area is especially good for kids who want to toboggan, or are learning to ski or snowboard. There is even a ski school on the hill with SIA approved ski instructors running the classes and there is the option for private lessons.

So next time you see a heavy patch of weather coming over Tasmania, Grab your snowboard boots, strap your skis to the roof of the car and hit the road so you can be the first one down the hill when Ben Lomond opens the lift!